Rice Krispy Treat Hamentaschen

I love #ricekrispytreats , they’re one of my favorite desserts. So I figured there’s a way to turn them into hamentaschen. .
Ingredients (as per Rice Krispie treat box)
1/4 cup margarine or butter 
40 regular size marshmallow
1/2 tsp vanilla 
6 cups rice krispies (choose GF ones if needed)
Filling options:
Peanut butter 
Lotus spread 
Nutella (or dairy free version)
Marshmallow fluff (for the Rice Krispie treat purists)
Topping options:
Melted chocolate 
Melted lotus butter 
Crumbled lotus cookies 
Method saved in highlights under “🔺Rice Krispies”
I followed the recipe on the cereal box up until the point where you mix in the Rice Krispies. Immediately, I put on gloves and sprayed my hands (finger tips included) liberally with nonstick cooking spray. Using the Rice Krispie treat mixture that was still warm, I formed small balls (slightly larger than golf balls) and flattened them out to form a disc. 
Add desired filling (about 1 tsp) and good into hamentaschen shape.
Top however you’d like! In this picture, I melted chocolate, put into a ziplock bag, cut a small hole and drizzled on. Then topped with some sprinkles. 

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