Fish Nachos

I made fish tacos, prepared a beautiful picture, but when I bit into them, I realized that the taco shells were expired and rancid. So what do we do for dinner? …
Make fish nachos instead! We loved them and they were actually easier to eat than fish tacos!

Here’s a rough recipe. There are a few different parts, but they’re all very simple. 
1 salmon filet, large enough for 2 people, skin removed 
1 tsp mayo 
Taco seasoning 
Chili lime seasoning 
Juice of 1 lime (divided)
1/2 head broccoli, cut up into florets (washed and dried very well)
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 
1 avocado 
Handful of cherry tomatoes (and optional golden berries)
Purple cabbage, thinly cut
Kale, chopped into small pieces 
Tzaziki Greek yogurt dip 
Tortilla chips

Preheat oven to 400°F
On salmon, spread mayo, sprinkle taco seasoning and chili lime seasoning and drizzle on a bit of you lime juice. Place on one side of greased baking sheet. 
On remaining half of baking sheet, place broccoli, drizzle on oil and sprinkle with additional taco seasoning and chili lime. 
Bake for 20 minutes .
In the meantime, prepare your salsa and slaw. 
For salsa, mix together, avocado (mash slightly), tomatoes (and golden berries if using), most of the remaining lime juice, chili lime seasoning and chopped fresh parsley. 
For slaw, mix together kale, purple cabbage, some oil, remaining lime juice and chili lime seasoning. .
Break up salmon into smaller pieces. Spread on serving plate, interspersed with broccoli, slaw, salsa and drops of tzaziki Greek yogurt. .
Enjoy with your tortilla chips! 

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