3 ingredient hamentaschen

I’m not someone who has much patience to bake and especially not to make dough. I thought of this hack and decided to give it a try and was pleasantly surprised by how easy and delicious it turned out.
DRUMROLL… I used frozen pie crusts!
I just thawed the dough and rolled in out thinly on a floured parchment sheet and stuffed the dough as I would use any hamentaschen dough.
5 filling ideas (you can use any filling you’d like)

  1. Apple pie hamentaschen: just dollop in a bit of canned apple pie filling (just cut up the apples if they’re big pieces) – serve with vanilla ice cream for an extra special treat
  2. Blueberry pie hamentaschen: use a bit of canned blueberry pie filling. You can garnish with lemon zest
  3. Lotus butter – garnish with lotus cookie crumbs
  4. Drop in some halva and 3 dark chocolate chips (my favourite)
  5. Nutella
    Just dollop filling of choice into your circles, fold them up and place on a parchment-lined cookie sheet. Brush with 1 beaten egg and sprinkle with sugar in the raw.
    Bake at 350° for 18-20 minutes.

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