Israeli Malawach Sabich Tacos

In honour of Israel’s 71st birthday, we’re having Israeli 🇮🇱 tacos for dinner! . 
To make the taco bean mixture – drain and mash 2 cans of beans. I usually use black beans but today I used 1 can of lentils and 1 of kidney beans. I sautéed 1 clove of garlic, then added the mashed beans, some chopped tomatoes 🍅 and tomato paste. Finally added 1 tbsp each of shawarma seasoning and zaatar. Let it cook for a few minutes until mixture is warm and nicely flavored. .
For the actual taco shell, I used malawach, fried on both sides until nicely browned. 
Then I topped the malawach with humus, my taco bean mixture, 1 hard boiled egg, chickpeas, Israeli salad, green olives, pickled eggplant, tahina, zaatar and sesame seeds. .
Hope you enjoy as much as I did! .

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