Garlic Rosemary Veal Brisket

This is my mother’s recipe that I beg her to make for pesach and Rosh hashana – it is mouthwatering and delicious. She’s an incredible cook but doesn’t write anything down or actually follow recipes properly. But I asked her nicely to try her best to write down all the steps so I can share. 

5 lb veal brisket
4 tbsp fresh rosemary, chopped plus a few extra rosemary sprigs
1 inch fresh ginger, grated 
6 cloves garlic
1/4 olive oil
2 tbsp freshly ground pepper 
2 cup dry white wine 
Approx 1 cup water 

Preheat oven to 350°F. 
Mix rosemary, 4 cloves minced garlic, grated ginger and olive oil. Set aside 
Slice remaining 2 cloves of Garlic
Make slits ever few inches in brisket, add garlic slices and a sprig of rosemary. Rub marinade over roast. 
Grind lots of pepper all over roast. Add about wine and water. Roast covered for about 21/2 to 3 hours.
Remove from oven. Heat to 425°F. Uncover and roast for another 20 to 30 minutes until nicely browned. Check so it doesn’t burn. 
When cool cut thin slices against the grain.

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